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We can rapidly seed inaccessible areas in a safe way, that are difficult to complete using traditional methods.


Our Hydro-Seeding spray can reach up to 80 metres enabling us to efficiently seed even the steepest of terrain and embankments, whether the seeding area is large or small.


This method not only saves time, and produces great results, it is a far safer approach than attempting to complete the same works with conventional equipment.

Advantages of Hydro-Seeding

  • Suitable for steep embankments and rough terrain

  • Retains water 

  • Quicker germination and early growth

  • Even distribution of seed

  • Most successful method of seeding

  • Most cost effective method of seeding

  • Prevents soil erosion

Seeding area too steep? Inaccessible? Unsafe?

...We have the answer with Hydro-Seeding!

A large successful Hydro-Seeding contract, completed at the famous Northumberlandia, demonstrates the excellent results that can be achieved using this method.  

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