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Winter Maintenance

It doesn’t appear that we have left the cold weather behind yet for February, which brought for us another busy month of gritting, and as we write there are still more days of cold weather yet to come and no doubt many more working hours through the night of gritting while most of us are tucked up in our cosy duvets all warm and snug, so a big thank you to our guys for going out in the early hours whether scheduled work or a last minute call out. If you want to speak to us about our gritting services then please get in touch using the details below.

Vegetation Clearance

We have also cleared over 20,000 pine trees as part of a site clearance operation in Northumberland where we used one of our 14T 360° with shear attachment to fell the trees and another 14T 360° fitted with a selector grabber to feed the Doppstadt AK510K Shredder to mulch the trees and brash down to 80mm chip size.

Vegetation clearance projects

Following on from the recent floods in West Northumberland there was a landslip near Sparty Lea which we were called in to help with. We cleared the vegetation from the roadside so that the main contractor could carry out the necessary works.

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