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Erosion Works - Hamsterley

Erosion works at Hamsterley - large boulders put in place and side of bank as well as site clearance using a Hyundai 145, which should stop both the bank-side from collapsing into the river, and secure the footpath along the side of the river.

Local Country Park - renewal of footpaths

As the year progresses with ever changing weather, more people want to venture out to explore our lovely country parks, which as you can see is another aspect of our business which we are continually contracted to complete. Digging out drainage gullies, ditches and clearing of overgrown or badly damaged footpaths, renewing and making good so that walkers, bike riders, and wheelchair users are all able to enjoy our fabulous country park walkways.

Greenleaf 'Black Beauty' Compost - at a Northumberland Primary School

Raised bed area created for pupils at a local Northumberland School. We were contracted to make an area accessible for pupils with disabilities. The raised beds were topped with our Greenleaf 'Black Beauty' Compost, made from Horse Manure and Garden Green Waste here at the farm. We erected greenhouses for cultivating cuttings, sowing seeds etc for planting up in the raised beds later. The surrounding path area was screened with decorative gravel. You may or may not know that we supply our Greenleaf Compost in various quantities, 40L bags, loose by the tonne or in dumpy bags, please feel free to give us a call for any of your requirements.

Wind turbine blades

We’ve seen many a storm in the last few months, especially the high winds which can cause so much devastation, but it can also prove a benefit as we deliver a wind turbine blade to Blyth.

Pit Wheel - Lynemouth

Erection of Lynemouth Pit Wheel to celebrate the mining heritage of the area. The Pit Wheel was removed, repaired, stripped back and repainted before being transported back and placed in its rightful position in Lynemouth.

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