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Forestry - Mountain Bike Trail

Whilst in Cumbria, one of our other projects was to repair and reinstate a mountain bike trail which had been eroded away and damaged by the torrential rain that they had seen at the close of last year and beginning of this. To repair this, as you can see from the pictures a track was made to get the equipment and materials to the designated area. You then see the progress of the mountain bike trail being smoothed out ready for the influx of bikers which will no doubt descend into the forest throughout the year.

Cumbria - Forestry Bridge Works

Our work in Cumbria - installing a steel bridge at Dodd Wood. It was placed and back filled with rock armour. To get the bridge in place we had to excavate the site and construct concrete abutments. The beck also had to be cleared of debris, much of it by hand prior to the installation of the steel work. We then installed a perforated pipe as a drain to the rear of abutment too. Finally we brought the path up to the correct level of the near side of the bridge and completed the top dressing of the path out towards the road for access.

Greenleaf 'Black Beauty' Compost & Soil Conditioner

Our mulcher shreds the green waste which we receive on site at our recycling site, and our screener then produces our Greenleaf 'Black Beauty' of a Compost. Remember that if you need to dispose of any Green Waste we offer very competitive prices based on vehicle size. The outcome of this process Compost which again we sell at competitive prices in various commodity sizes. Please give us a call if you require any information.

Landscaping - Soft & Raised Beds

A landscaping project completed using shrubs and trees. Before and after photographs. The pictures below show the creation of raised beds. Once built they were filled with our 'Black Beauty' of a Greenleaf Compost & Soil Conditioner.

Groundworks - Footpaths

Also at the school in Northumberland we prepared the hard-core footpaths around the building which also includes the kerbing.

Groundworks - Steps & Paving

A new phase of work has started at a local Northumberland School. This involved the installation of steps and a footpath to one of the new sports pitches which we created. This phase of work also includes paving an area for access to the building.

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