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Roundabout Alterations

Night Shift work - an urgent task which had to be completed quickly - our workforce pulled out all the stops to make sure this happened. A roundabout leading to Carlisle and the M6 required a reduction in size to its embankments. The block paving, which forms the side of the roundabout had to be taken out. This was completed by hand and then stacked onto pallets. The grass also had to be stripped back on one side of the roundabout to lower the level of its elevation. This all happened overnight. The purpose of this project was to allow wind turbines travelling from the Port of Blyth to reach their destination of Gretna Green. The alterations to the round about were necessary to allow

Post Knocker

Our new post knocker which is an aid to completing fencing projects quicker and more efficiently than before. This implement allows us to manoeuvre into once inaccessible or difficult places for installing fence posts; such as ditches and corners. This improved flexibility is due to the telescopic arm that is a key part of the new post knocker. We can offer different types of fencing: Agricultural; stock, equestrian, post and rail. Close Board Fencing. Birds Mouth Fencing. Palisade.

Ovingham Bridge Landscaping

The Ovingham Bridge is finally complete allowing traffic to cross from Prudhoe to Ovingham without having to do a 10+ mile detour. WLS have been involved with the landscaping during the final stage of the overall bridge repairs. We were involved with land clearance on both sides of the bridge and landscaped the area back to a natural grassy area.

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