Pond Creation and Maintenance Services

We can create your new pond, clear out your old one or support your flood alleviation scheme.

Previous projects

We successfully completed a flood alleviation project for Hepscott Village.

A storage/retention pond was created to help prevent flooding in the village. The pond is designed to store the incoming rainwater and then allow it to drain away in a controlled manner.

It was quite ironic that we completed the works during heavy rainfall!

Flood Alleviation - Hepscott Village

Pond Creation - National Trust - Robert (Robbie) Burns Birthplace Museum 

On behalf of the National Trust for Scotland, this large contract is now complete.

Using our hydraulic tilt bucket excavator attachment, we have created an irregular shaped pond to various specified depths throughout, enhancing both edge habitat and aquatic habitats.

All surrounding land will drain into the pond (acting as a retention pond). Upon reaching the set maximum water level, pond water will drain into the outlet which will run into the woodland for natural soak away. A silt trap has also been installed on the outlet to prevent any blockages.

For an aesthetically pleasing natural effect, two pebble and rock beaches on opposite pond edges, along with viewing jetties, were installed.

Various species of submerged and floating aquatics, were planted on the wetland area and the pond shelf.

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