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Welcome! If you've found this page, great! Please read below some instructions on how to get started with WhosOff.

The process is dead simple and you'll find arrows and instructions for each step, guiding you through the process and getting you familiar with using the software.


If you run into any issues please don't hesitate to email me at Edward@wlstraughan.co.uk or call the office during normal hours and I'll be more than happy to help.

- Downloading/Accessing WhosOff

WhosOff can be used in a variety of ways, the most common being via smartphone & PC. However, unlike most software, this doesn't require any large downloads, only a regular app If you have a smartphone or a standard web browser if you use a PC.

If you're using a smartphone, such as a Samsung or Apple device, simply follow the instructions below or click the corresponding link:

Image by Maxim Ilyahov

WhosOff - Samsung

Samsung devices typically run Android OS which uses the PlayStore.

To download WhosOff on a Android device:

1. Open the PlayStore.

 (also known as Google Play)

2. Find the search button at the top right, typically a magnifying glass, press it.

3. Once you are prompted to type, search "WhosOff" in the search bar, then press search on your keyboard, or the small magnifying glass again.

4. Press the WhosOff app as indicated to be brought to the WhosOff page.

5. Press 'Install' and WhosOff will now be downloading to your device!


WhosOff - Apple

Apple devices strictly only use the App Store for all downloaded software.

To download WhosOff on an Apple device:

1. Open the App Store.


2. Find the search button at the bottom right, typically a magnifying glass, press it.

3. Once you are prompted to type, search "WhosOff" in the search bar, then press search on your keyboard.

4. You will now see the WhosOff app listed. Feel free to click 'Get' to begin the install, or alternatively click the icon to be brought to it's store page. Disclaimer: mine says 'Open' because I already have the app.

5. Once you have selected 'Get' on either of the above screens, the app should start downloading to your Apple device!


WhosOff - PC

To use WhosOff on a internet-enabled PC, you simply need to open your chosen browser, typically Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Once you have opened your browser, simply search for WhosOff using a search engine such as Google, and find the following link:

Or simply click this URL: https://staff.whosoff.com/


- Booking holidays on WhosOff 

Using WhosOff on mobile is dead simple. Here I will go over how to use the app, and get you familiar on how to actually book holidays and check them.

The screenshots will be from an iPhone, but rest assured the process is exactly the same on an Android device.


1. When you first open the app, you will be asked to enter your email address & password. These login details will be as follows:

Email address: This will be the personal one you receive payslips through.

Password: A temporary password will be sent to your personal email address, from there you will be prompted to create your own more memorable one.

Once you have your email address and password entered, you may sign in and proceed!

2. This will be the first page you see once you log in.

This is your Dashboard - from here you can see your booked holidays, request leave, calendar, pending requests & your remaining allowance.

(Please note next year's allowance may not presently be correct. This will be adjusted accordingly as we deploy the software.)

Along the top just below the W L Straughan name you will see 4 tabs reading:


"My Leave, WhosOff, Request Leave & Pending Leave"

This is currently the "My Leave" tab, showing the leave you have booked.

From here you can also begin booking a holiday by pressing the "Request Leave" button at the bottom.

Detailed walk-through instructions on how to book can be found in the next step.


3. Once you have selected "Request Leave", you will be brought to this screen.

From here you can select your leave type. Please note that your approver will be able to see which leave type you have selected.

Simply scroll to the type you wish to select, then click "Next Step"

4. This next stage wants you to select when you wish to book your leave. 

Simply use the scroll to select the date, month & year.

Once you have selected the date you wish, press "Next Step".

Or alternatively, press "Go Back" if you need to make any changes to your leave type, or return to the dashboard.


5. Now, to select the end of your desired leave, you have two options.

a. Select the end date the same way you selected the start.

b. Select the duration, such as 1/2 a day, 1 day, 2 days etc.

Once you have selected your desired endpoint, simply press "Check Details" to be presented with a summary.

Don't worry, nothing will be submitted yet, you still have time to double check.

As with the previous pages, you can "Go Back" at any time.

This is the second option where you can select the duration instead of end point.


6. Now you will be presented with a summary of the leave you're trying to book.

From here you are also able to add any supplimentary information about your leave request that you may find worth including.

Your approver will be presented with your request as is, along with the message if you choose to include one.

Please make sure to double check all details are correct, then once that is done, simply press "Confirm Request".


7. Once you have clicked submit, you will be presented with the following message showing that your submission has been successful.

Unsuccessful requests are typically caused by a couple factors including trying to book holidays on restricted days (i.e. bank holidays) or you do not have enough allowance left to cover.

If your submission has been successful, you can now close the app and await a response which should come from the app, alongside a email to your registered address.